crypto-ce consists of two independent html custom elements

To try it out, check the demo page:


Or download the two files crypto.html and crypto.js to your computer, no web-server is needed as these functions are directly interpreted in all modern browsers.

crypted-data is a container that contains encrypted data:

<crypted-data algorithm="AES-GCM" group="0" salt="dTe2oVxNnG4btg">

Clicking on the unlock button opens an input window to enter the password for decryption.

After entering the correct password, all crypted-data elements of the corresponding group are decrypted and displayed.

When the lock button is clicked, all crypted-data elements of the group are hidden.

crypted-encoder is an element which can be included on an html-page to encrypt data:



After entering a password, a salt is generated and the content is encrypted. The salt and the encrypted data are base64url encoded and can then be used in a crypted-data element.

License BSD-3-Clause

Copyright (C) 2021 Alexander Schoepe, Bochum, DE

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