TEA (Tcl Extension Architecture) for pure Tcl packages

Using configure, make test and make install for pure Tcl Extension.

What have I done to get it to work

First of all I copied the two TEA repositories. Then I reduced configure.ac and Makefile.in to the required minimum and switched pkgIndex.in from load to source. In the tclconfig/tcl.m4 in macro TEA_LOAD_TCLCONFIG I comment out the block which determines the C-compiler (AC_TRY_COMPILE), so that the complete setup is created without C-compiler. That's all.

See Also

Tcl Configurator: the autoconf machinery for Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA)-compliant extensions
Sample extension giving the framework for building a Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA)-compliant extension

Legal Notice

Copyright (C) 2019 Alexander Schoepe, Bochum, DE

Public Domain